At Priory Farm we offer great facilities and individual care for your horse and have a specialist rehab centre including a Cold salt water hydrotherapy equine spa

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. Aqua treadmill and a very large horse walker. We can also can do or arrange the following:

  • Remedial shoeing
  • Dentistry
  • Equine massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Physiotherapy
  • Long reining / Lunging
  • Hand grazing.
  • Small turnout / sick paddocks
  • Barefoot trimming
  • Riding / Schooling / Re training

Our past patients have consists off and we did get very positive results with the following :

Colic surgery, Kissing Spine,  Castration, flesh  wounds, Ocd operation, Laminitis, Knee operation, Stifle operation, Djd, Over reach injuries , Swollen joints, Ringbone, Tendon injury, Sesamoiditis, Dft and Fracture pedal bone, Suspensory ligament, Splints, Foot abscesses, Navicular, Lameness problem and much more......

Your horse will be cared for by our fully trained staff and can be stabled amongst other horses or in a quarantine area.

We can also offer packages for the horse on box rest, recuperation and post operative with or without the use of the horse walker or the spa. Your horse can be bought to us direct from vets, Royal Veterinary College or any other equine hospital. Emergency cases can be catered for and transport can be arranged.

Most of our clients are referred by leading veterinarians, surgeons and recommendations.

Many insurance companies will pay for the spa treatments and even the livery

Our basic charge for rehab livery is £175.00 per week, this includes feed. ad lib hay, good size bed. grooming. stretches and full use of the horsewalker

We provide an extension to your vet services to give your horse the best chance of recovery.

Your horse deserves the Best....