Our new water treadmill is perfect for horses requiring rehabilitation as well as those who need to increase their strength and fitness


When horses walk on a treadmill in water they naturally lift their legs up higher in a more vertical plane increasing joint flexion and exaggerating the use of the back muscles – and with no rider to influence the horse's way of going the muscles develop symmetrically as the horse works in balance and without interference in a straight line

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The cold water on the lower limbs also provides a massaging and cooling effect - excellent for horses recovering from leg problems.Our Activo-Med Water Treadmill has a low front end so your horse moves in a natural outline in a low-concussive environment. The support yet resistance of the water provides a controlled, supervised aerobic exercise, increasing cardiovascular activity and tightening core strength muscles whilst continuing to build and/or repair strong tendons/ligaments and bones - in combination, a highly effective full body workout.

Used equally for fitness and therapy, the benefits will be seen on dry land with an improved joint flexion, increased stride length and suppleness through the back, helping the topline. Muscle tone and strength improve dramatically and the horses really enjoy their sessions.

Training on the water treadmill can be made part of your horse's exercise routine - £40.00 per session


Larger than average, our 20 metre, covered horse walker on a sand surface allows multiple horses to receive controlled exercise simultaneously. It is used extensively in the management and training of horses and is a great aid for any recovery or fitness regime. One of the largest walkers available it reduces stress on the limbs whilst exercising and the speed can be comfortably increased to a working trot, operating in either a clockwise or anticlockwise direction.

Beneficial and available for warming-up / cooling down, relieving boredom in stabled horses or to supplement ridden exercise, the walker is often used as part of a planned fitness, rehabilitation or 'back-to-work' programme. We work alongside you and/or your veterinary professional with a daily activity designed specifically for your horse.

Why not let us do the work for you, removing the stress and time required to reach optimum fitness or fully rehabilitate your horse correctly, with longevity. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss and build a bespoke package to suit your needs and budget.

Exercise programmes can start from 5 minutes - once, twice or even three times a day

Some horses are not the best  to walk out In Hand whilst on box rest especially on a busy yard. We have many calls from stressed clients that their horse is becoming dangerous, getting away from the handler and more.